How to Fix Rising Damp Problems

Wet Rot Fungus Coniphora Puteana attacking stud floor timbers and plywood flooring
Construction of brickwall and refurbishment of porch area

Rising Damp is a very common problem within the UK, especially when it comes to older buildings and Timkon Services have helped many commercial and domestic clients with this issue.

We have over 40 years of experience within this field and have worked on homes and properties around London, Surrey, Kent, Middlesex and The Home Counties.

At Timkon Services we will be able to evaluate your current situation via our Rising Damp survey. Our experienced team are very friendly and will offer you a Rising Damp solution as quickly as possible.

Our priority is to make sure that this issue does not arise again in the future as it may cause further damage to your properties infrastructure. Take a look at our damp proofing guarantees if you are unsure what we can offer you.

How does Rising Damp Occur?

The main component to Rising Damp is moisture, which rises through the capillary action within the stone/brickwork. If it is left unresolved, it can then become the main cause of dry rot, wet rot and salt contamination.

How to resolve Rising Damp?

At Timkon Services, we have various ways that we can get rid of Rising Damp, depending on how serious each situation is. Here’s a list of the possible treatments:

  • Chemical Damp Proof Treatment – This can be recommended for certain types of walling. This Rising Damp treatment involves the injection of a chemical under pressure, into holes that are drilled at intervals into the wall. These drills that are made within the wall are at certain levels which are decided by our surveyor at the time of the inspection.
  • Injection Mortar/Creams – This type of Rising Damp treatment is ideal for many applications. It is particularly great for when a reasonably sized bed joint is visible. At Timkon Services, our injection creams are inserted under low pressure and is carried into the mortar beds and rubble. This then crystallises and forms into a Rising Damp
  • Electro Osmotic Treatment – This Rising Damp treatment is an active system which introduces tiny electrical currents into the wall. This is done just above the ground level and aims to push the moisture back down the wall and ensure that the walls are damp free.

Contact Timkon Services to resolve your Rising Damp issues

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