Wall Condensation Problems

Passyfier Ventilator used for the control of condensation
External ventilation grill used for control of properties suffering from condensation

Condensation is one of the most common causes of dampness within buildings. If left untreated, it can lead to permanent damp problems or mould can develop. Without controlling, the mould can become airborne and cause respiratory problems.

Controlling the condensation becomes easier when you know what originally causes it. It is caused by warm moisture in the air coming into contact with a significantly colder surface such as a window. Bacteria can then form on the water droplets and this is the mould that you then see.

How to Control Condensation

The control of condensation can be achieved by various methods from simple ventilation system to positive pressure systems to effective insulation; all of which can be provided by Timkon. Another method of condensation control can be achieved by controlling the relative humidity in the property. Humidistat sensors can be integrated in condensation control units or independently mounted. These detect the moisture in the air and automatically co-operate with any mechanical systems until a balanced humidity level is achieved.

How Timkon can Help with Wall Condensation Problems

At Timkon, we understand that the maintenance of your home is imperative. That is why we offer our expertise to ensure that the humidity is kept at an appropriate level. Our condensation control units are reliable and trustworthy. You will certainly notice the difference after they have been installed. They can combat mould growth and ensure that your home will remain a healthy structure.

Other Damp Proofing Services

Condensation is just one of many damp problems that can occur. Rising damp and penetrating damp are other common problems that we take care of. We also apply specialist re-plastering that aids with our 20-year guarantee.

Condensation Control Services

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