Re-plastering Specialist Services

Specialist re-plastering up to 1.2m high in conjunction with a chemical damp proof course

Plastering a damp wall is no easy task. Our specialist domestic re-plastering allows for water vapour to be absorbed without any water damage to the wall or the structure. Our re-plastering reduces moisture rising to the wall surface whilst the wall progresses through its drying process.

Why Specialist Re-plastering?

Rising Damp contains water soluble salts that, when the wall dries through evaporation, move towards the surface; these are the marks and damage that you see. Our specialist damp proof re-plastering contains a waterproof additive that reduces the salt migration to the surface of the wall. This additive can’t be found in any normal wall plastering and is bespoke only to Timkon.

Re-Plastering information

If you do use our re-plastering services, it is important to note that we do not advise that you undergo re-decoration within 6 weeks of our work taking place. The final decoration of the treated wall should be left until the wall is completely dry which is approximately 10 months after the initial re-plastering treatment, to avoid any water damage. It is also imperative that you do not attempt to accelerate the process through heat i.e. no radiators or heaters. This will cause shrinkage in the plaster which can form hairline cracks weakening the structure.

Other Damp Proofing Services

It is important to note that our re-plastering works hand-in-hand with our other services. Problems such as penetrating damp and wall condensation can be controlled through our specialist re-plastering. We can also waterproof your basement providing a long-lasting waterproofing solution. Not only can we protect your home from future problems, but we can also restore your house after a flood and get it back to good as new.

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