Fire Door Surveys & Inspections

Fire door surveys are crucial for maintaining building safety; both commercial properties and residential blocks of flats. Without undertaking regular inspections, you run the risk of your fire safety equipment letting you down when you need it the most.

With a fire door inspection, you can rest easy knowing that your building is prepared for any fire incident that may occur. At Timkon, we are BM Trada qualified at inspecting and installing fire doors. Let us inspect your fire door to give you total peace of mind.

What is a Fire Door Inspection?

A fire door inspection is a survey completed by a certified professional to uphold the quality and safety of all fire doors within your commercial or domestic property.

With such a number of components to check, it is important that a fire door specialist carries out a fire door inspection as we understand what it takes for your fire door to pass inspection.

What we check during your Fire Door Inspection?

With a fire door being such an important part of your building’s fire safety, we check to ensure that your fire door meets current regulations.

We check:

  • Door leaves – these are sometimes twisted by being held open at the top or bottom
  • Intumescent strips – are they in-situ and have they been installed correctly?
  • Hardware voids – left after hardware changes or insufficient void quality
  • Incorrect Gaps – caused by doors being removed and re-hung with incorrect gaps
  • Leaves not closing into frames – added smoke seals can prevent leaves closing properly
  • Leaves Binding – binding double door leaves means they cannot close properly
  • Leading edges – inspect damage to lead edges of leaves
  • Glazing – check for damages to glazing and incorrect glazing specification

Fire Door Reports

Much like our other survey services we offer, at the end of our inspection we will provide you with a report clearly stating our findings, recommendations and any services that may need to be undertaken to ensure your fire door meets current regulations.

All of our findings are honest and transparent. We will not try and convince you that something is wrong with your fire doors if we believe it meets current regulations following our inspection. We pride ourselves on our reputation of being honest and our clients over the past 40 years are further proof of our integrity.

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